Sunday, October 2, 2011

Late Snack: Jollibee's Hash Brown Burger

I have been wanting to try the latest food offerings that have been conquering TV ads these days. Kudos to the people behind those super effective commercials. You people are making me crave over fast food again!  First on my list is, Jollibee's Hash Brown Burger. And because of the freakin' typhoons recently, it was hard for me to get out of the house and visit the nearest Jollibee store. Good thing my brother informed me he would be going home on Friday night. I begged for him to bring home a Hash Brown Burger as my pasalubong. Being the obedient brother he is, he bought home two :)
Jollibee's Hash brown burger
And so I opened the first box and there I finally saw the treat, the authentic langhap sarap smell is irresistible and I can't wait to give in for my first bite. It was indeed crispy and the hash browns sandwiching the burger complements each other's taste and texture. Much more, it feels good to eat something that's baked and not fried so it's definitely healthier. I ate it just like how I would eat a burger. It was already late at night so I just contented myself to stop after the first box, I feel full anyway.

The following morning, I re-heated the second box of hash brown burger and ate it this time with a fork (pa-girl lang) On to my next target, the yummy looking spoonful of desserts from KFC! :)

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post, a few days ago we had a snack at Shakeys.


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