Friday, June 29, 2012

KFC Cheese Top Burger

I sure do love KFC Chicken. Like many city dwellers, I grew up eating the familiar yet secretly guarded 11-spice recipe of KFC chicken. Aside from their original chicken, one thing I also love is their affordable chicken burger which I craved once in while as an afternoon or midnight snack on the go. Recently though, they decided to do sort of an upgrade with this chicken burger, giving the public this streetwise Cheese Top Burger.

In no time, this new offering received quite a public uproar. Taking the cheese off the patty and placing it on top of a burger? Hmmm...quite an idea for a sandwich...

Although I also question the idea, I still wanted to give it a try. I wasn't quick to judge. I say, to taste is to believe. Who knows, that cheese on top may just prove its worth. So I asked my brother to buy me one as pasalubong. He brought home two ^_^

take home cheese top burger

The cheese looks like its pasted right unto the bun. It's not messy and the cheese won't stick in between your teeth. A bite after another. Its taste is surely different from the usual Chicken Burger. Somehow, I didn't went gaga over the taste. I guess I'd have to stick the simpler more streetwise version. Sometimes, the simpler the better no?

KFC Cheese Top Burger up close

So do you think it's streetwise?

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