Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making Korea's Egg Cake

After attending the recent Manila Food and Beverage Expo, I want to share this one cool food discovery from the said event - Korea's Egg Cake.
This is one of the booths that caught my curiosity as I saw groups of people watching this Korean man. What could he be cooking? After watching him for a minute and having read what was posted below, I realized he was making an Egg Cake. I find the process quite amazing, reminding me of mooncakes. Simple, really, but since it's something beyond the usual cooking method that most of us do back home and in fact something I haven't seen even on TV before, this Egg Cake is pretty much surprising!

Making an Egg Cake
I bought one for Php30. What does it taste like? Nothing fancy, tastes like waffle with an egg but with the added soft crunch.  Tell you, it's worth tasting though!
Egg Cake
Below is the video captured on how to make an egg cake.Would love to have this kitchen gadget! So have you tried an egg cake before?

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  1. Reminds me of that thing they use for cooking takuyaki... :) Hey you know what, this is the first Korean food I've encountered that isn't spicy :D


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