Saturday, June 18, 2011

MAFBEX 2011: A Foodie Experience

For the people within the food and beverage industry, the Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) is the biggest and much anticipated annual food showcase. I was at the World Trade Center on the third day of opening and I must say, it's definitely one of my best foodie experience! That day, everything was all about food and my hunger for food wisdom. I think if one were to plot out my brain space, food would inhabit a prime chunk of real estate :)
inside World Trade | MAFBEX entrance

I arrived 15 minutes prior to the opening. Already, groups of students and entrepreneurs were eagerly waiting outside. When the glass doors opened, I wasted no time, paid the Php50 entrance and marched my way inside. Upon entering, lines of table settings were on display. People who want to set up parties even from home will learn a lot as to how tables are set and the design elements that goes well with each theme. As I made my way inside, stocks of elegant stainless steel cooking wares greeted me, this is indeed a shopping haven for kitchenware fanatics.
sleek and stylish kitchen showcase
table setting display
Aside from shopping at unbelievable discount tags (from house sets to commercial use), one will also be thrilled to learn a lot about cooking thru scheduled cooking demo, seminars or even just chatting around with local and international chefs seen from different booths. With this year's theme: Taking You Around the World in 5 Days, it would surely take one's foodie palate around the world. One great food I tasted was Korea's Egg Cake. Simple yet delicious. 
Top: Food Styling Seminar | Bottom: Cooking Korea's Egg Cake
professional chefs and student chefs
If you ever wonder how good a school is with regards to Culinary Courses, seeing their students compete into different food category will surely be a feast in the eyes. It's like watching Iron Chef America gone local.
students busy doing their plating

Panel of Judges for inter-school competition entitled "Market Basket"
Shakey's on Wheels | Chefs of the World Cooking Demo
different plating made by student chefs
Mafbex 2011 Video clips
Aside from mouthwatering plates, one thing that got me in pure amazement was this gadget called Airfryer - Fry all food without using cooking oil! Now that's healthy technology!
Left: Philips Rice Cooker HD 4768 | Right: Philips Airfryer 
The Philips Airfryer HD9220 got me thinking how it all works, so I asked a little help from Youtube :)

After a day of amazing food trip experience, I went out the hall already thinking of cooking the recipes I learned (and tasted) that day. I'm also armed with brochures that I have yet to give my uncle and hopefully he gets to choose which kitchen equipment is perfect for our humble "retreat house" in Lake Sebu.

more MAFBEX 2011 photos here

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