Friday, May 20, 2011

9 Things I Learned in the Kitchen

For me anything from the kitchen is a delight, from the food to appliances to frying pans to cutting board. Each humble kitchenware has its pivotal role in making a yummy dish that holds great potential to spell diet doom! Lol! I have always said in this blog that I'm no kitchen expert, but instead a homechef wannabe.

This blog started August 2010. It's only at that time that I try to get myself in the kitchen more often. Since then, I learned a lot of recipes - from cookbooks to food magazines to even youtube videos. So what can a newbie in cooking learn in the kitchen?

1. If you want a crispy fried outcome, better cook in a stainless steel or wok and not in a non-stick pan.

2. Non-stick pans are only used when cooking in low heat and should only be cleaned using soft sponge. I found out why most professional kitchen do not use non stick pans is because they usually prepare foods cooked with high heat. Also when cleaning, never pour water in a hot non stick pan when cleaning as it may damage the coating surface.

3. Make sure that when you fry, the oil is hot enough before you put your meat. And make sure your meat doesn't have much water on it or else you'll get hot splashes and you'll get burns.

4. Turbo broiler cooks twice faster than the conventional oven. So when the recipe dictates bake a dish at 350 degrees C for 30 minutes, adjust it to 15 minutes when using turbo broiler. Cooking using a turbo broiler is much healthier alternative than when using frying pans. Check out my Baked Spareribs in Honey Sauce cooked using a turbo broiler.

5. If you want a thicker sauce, just add a mixture of cornstarch and water or better yet some grated potatoes for a healthier substitute. You can try this when creating a sauce for Spaghetti :)

6. Use wooden spoon or spatula when cooking in a non stick pan so it won't scrape. A relative once offered to cook and used the stainless steel turner while cooking our much favorite yema in our non stick Teflon pan - after she finished cooking, the pan looked like an overused kitchen apparatus.

7. I find it easy to use clean big scissors to cut meat like fillet chicken breasts or fish than slicing  with a dull knife.  

8. To learn more about common terms used in the kitchen, read post here .

9. Don't be afraid to experiment. I love to experiment, from left over foods up to expensive dishes. Some turned out perfect while some have turned out visually arresting but tasted poorly. And yes, kitchen mishaps do happen. So what? At least you know better next time!

Some tips here may sound basic and pretty simple for some but hey, I'm also sharing this blog to others who rarely cooks but wanted to get a place in the kitchen as well.


  1. Wow! You learned a lot na ha. I miss cooking with leisure :( I miss our pizza and pasta dinners..I miss baking so much.

    Pabasa mo siguro to kay Ate Ging para ma-enganyo magluto. hehehe.

  2. Ate! I remember you have this big oven Auntie used in baking macaroni (yun talaga ang dish na naalala ko). Mom and I love to have one as well...maybe pagnarenovate na ang kitchen, meantime turbo broiler muna :) Why not create your own food blog na te?

    Kay ate Ging? naku,hehe...may post nga dito na galing kay Kuya Loi ang recipe - Coke Chicken! :)


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