Friday, August 27, 2010

Common terms used in cooking

Bake – to cook by dry heat, usually in the oven. When referring to meat, the term used is “to roast”

Barbecue – to roast meat slowly on a spit over coals, or in the oven, basting frequently with a highly seasoned sauce

Baste – to moisten foods during cooking with pan dripping water or special sauce to prevent drying or to add flavor

Batter – a semi-liquid mixture of flour liquid, etc. thin enough to be poured

Beat – to mix smooth and light with a brisk even, rotary motion.

Blanch – to pour boiling water over foods to loosen skin, remove color or set color, and wilt leaves

Blend - to combine two or more ingredients until smooth

Boil – to cook in liquid at boiling temperature

Braise – to brown in a small amount of hot fat, then add a small amount of liquid and cook slowly in tightly covered utensils on top of range or in oven

Bread – to coat with bread crumbs alone or a mixture of beaten eggs and roll in crumbs

Broil – to cook by direct heat, usually in a broiler or over coals

Candy – to cook in sugar or syrup when applied to sweet potatoes or carrots, when applied to fruits, fruit peel or ginger, to cook in heavy syrup until plump and transparent

Caramelize – to melt sugar slowly over low heat until it becomes brown in color

Chop – to cut into small even pieces

Combine – to mix enough to mingle ingredients

Cream – to make soft, smooth and creamy

Cube – to cut in even sided pieces

Dissolve – to cause a dry substance to pass into solution in a liquid

Flake – to break lightly into small pieces

Fry – to cook in hot fat

Garnish – to decorate with small pieces of colourful food

Glaze – to coat with thin syrup cooked to cracked stage

Grate – to rub on a grated that separated the food in various sizes or shreds

Grind – to reduce to small pieces or powder

Julienne – to cut food in matchlike strips

Knead – to work and press dough with the palm of hands turning a small amount after each push

Marinate – to allow food to stand in liquid to soften or add to the flavor

Mince – to cut or chop fine

Pan fry – to cook in small amount of fat

Pare – to cut away outer covering

Paste – a fine, smooth texture

Poach –to cook in hot liquid, being careful that food holds shape

Puree – to make a smooth, semi-liquid mixture by rubbing through a sieve

Roast – to cook by dry heat, usually in the oven

Saute – to cook in small amount of fat

Sear – to brown quickly by intense heat

Shred – to cut or tear in small, long narrow pieces

Simmer –to cook slowly over very low heat

Skewer – to pierce with or string on, pointed thin pieces of wood, bamboo or metal

Soften – to mash until smooth and creamy

Steam – to cook in steam in a pressure cooker, deep well cooker, double boiler or a steamer

Stock – a liquid in which food has been cooked

Toast – to brown by direct heat

Toss – to mix ingredients lightly

Whip – to incorporate air into a mixture by beating with a brisk, even rotary motion

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