Friday, February 18, 2011

Red Ribbon's Newest Offering - Mocha Choco Crumble

Last Valentine's Day I bought home a box of Red Ribbon's newest cake offering, the Mocha Choco Crumble. Every one of us wanted to try how this cake tastes like, it looks mouthwatering. "Heavenly mocha chiffon layers bursting with rich mocha cream, layered and topped with crunchy chocolate crumble." Both the tv and print ad are just irresistible, perfect indulgence for the sweetest day of the year...or so I thought...

Php540 Red Ribbon's Mocha Choco Crumble
Please don't mistake this cake for their Choco Mocha Crunch cake, coz they're different. I was kinda disappointed because I'm a big Rd Ribbon cake fan, and this cake failed to impress me, sadly. The crumble toppings and the inside layer doesn't work for me and for my siblings as well. It's far different from my favorite Coffee Crunch cake despite its simplicity. Will I order it again next time? Probably not. Don't worry Red Ribbon, I still love you, but I had to choose a different cake flavor next time :)

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