Saturday, October 16, 2010

Recipe: Sweet Honey Chicken Adobo

I have posted here already the recipe for making the Sweet Honey Pork Adobo. This time I'll be making Sweet Honey Chicken Adobo which is frankly just very much the same as that of the former recipe. From the ingredients down to the cooking part. For this post, I would like to include some tips and more pictures in making this recipe :)

In cleaning the chicken, make sure to remove that chicken fats.
a kilo of chicken
crushed garlic
And these my friends are the secret ingredients in making this a sweet Pinoy meal. I was actually inspired first by the honey I bought for Php140 during my recent travel to Socksargen. My dad requested for that pure wild honey (Non Processed) from the mountains of Lake Sebu and T'boli, South Cotabato. Don't miss this honey once you get to General Santos Airport. You can buy this at 2nd floor near the stairs. Few months after, I saw the honey sitting in the kitchen cabinet and an idea popped up! So instead of brown sugar, I used the Lake Sebu honey as an alternative for my Adobo.

Of course you can use other brands of honey out there. I bought the Palawan honey in Robinsons supermarket, much cheaper compared to that of Lake Sebu honey.

Pure Wild honey from Lake Sebu and Honey bottle from Palawan
marinated Sweet Honey Chicken Adobo
After marinating simply add a cup of water and cook the chicken for about 30-40 minutes in low to medium heat.

Sweet Honey Chicken Adobo
Again, you can check out the Sweet Honey Pork Adobo for the list of ingredients. Happy eating!

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