Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Singapore's Hainanese Delights in the Philippines

Hainanese Chicken

For those seeking to try an authentic and affordable Singaporean cuisine, I suggest trying Hainanese Delights. This restaurant offers the best Hainanese dishes in town. 

Hainanese Delights started in 2011, so they're fairly new in the mainstream market but branches had been popping like mushrooms all over the metro. A testament that Singaporean dishes especially their signature Hainanese chicken appeals to the Filipino's sweet palate.  

A noted dish from the Hainanese cuisine is the Hainanese Chicken Rice, originating from the village of Wen Chang in Hainan Island. The rice is cooked in aromatic chicken stock and is served with boiled chicken, chilli and ginger sauce.
If you're dining with your family or in groups of 4-5, I suggest you order their Php777 (to save Php163) Family Meal consists of whole chicken, take the cake, chapchae, pork dumplings, tofu with mixed veggies with unlimited hainan rice and 4 iced tea

Take the Cake (raddish cake)

The raddish cake I love next to the steamed hainan chicken. Take the Cake's texture once you take a bite seems like your eating a flavorful white fish.


Chapchae seems to be too sweet for my taste.

Pork Dumplings

Tofu with Mixed Veggies

Hainanese Delights also offers chicken and pork rice dishes ranging from Php90-Php120, noodles and  dumplings to name a few.  And oh, best of all, they also offer unlimited hainan rice! 

Hainanese Delight (photo from their website)

Their well lit interiors which is a play of yellow, pink, white and black colors complements the restaurants simple but chic dining sets, it sure looks inviting and easy on the eyes. 

For those who wants an introductory taste of Singaporean cuisine or simply going on an cheaper Asian food trip of sort, Hainanese Delights is the place to be.

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