Friday, November 2, 2012

Simple Line Milk Tea Craze

Simple Line
I am more of a coffee drinker than a milk tea fan. So when the 'milk tea craze' began in the Philippines, I wasn't hook, but my sister was. So when she toured me around her area - the busy university area of TM Kalaw, she insited to treat me to a drinking tea session. I gave in...

There's this newly opened milk tea house just in front of UST called Simple Line which just opened 3 months ago. I've always wondered why my sister became pretty much addicted to drinking this version of cold teas when we have packs of unopened assorted teas at home. 

I walked with her from the condo to this milk tea house. I let her order and she gave me this large cup of caramel milk tea, which she said was her favorite. I sip a bit and it was actually good. Their tea leaves come from Taiwan and one thing I like about this whole milk tea craze is the health benefit it could give to many young Filipinos. Since Filipinos in general are not tea drinker, milk tea companies offer these kind of flavourful teas to attract a younger target market. But for those who want to try making their own ice cold tea at home, why not try stirring a good homemade Malunggay Iced Tea.

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