Friday, August 12, 2011

Recipe: Malunggay Iced Tea

I've written here before how to make a malunggay tea freshly handpicked from our vegetable garden. In addition, I also posted a recipe made healthier by adding malunggay powder to the dish. This time, I'll be sharing a successful experiment mom and I made (since we're all trying our best to live healthy), may I present to you our Homemade Malunggay Iced Tea.
Malunggay Iced Tea
a pitcher of Malunggay Tea, refrigerated (click this post on How to Make Malunggay Tea)
10-12 kalamansi
brown sugar

Simply mix all the ingredients according to your desired sweetness. Best serve with ice.

Mom and I have been trying to convince my younger brothers on drinking the hot malunggay tea but they wouldn't. After trying on this recipe and having those burst of sweet flavors and not telling them that it's actually malunggay tea, we've finally got them to drink and they actually love it! It's a cheaper and healthier substitute for those sachet packs of ready to drink iced teas. 


  1. i would really love to try this one, i love drinking healthy too. thanks for the post

  2. thanks for dropping by Belle, I hope more people will try drinking this healthy malunggay tea as well.

  3. thanks po for posting it. It really helps me a lot in our cooking contest^_^


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