Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adobo Connection

Adobo dishes

I was able to try dining at the newly opened Adobo Connection in their SM Sta. Rosa Branch. I insisted mom to take our lunch there, just a week after they opened. They're finally here in Laguna at last!

Like most Filipinos, I am a self confessed adobo freak. For me it's a staple next to rice. I couldn't live without eating an adobo dish within a week. In fact, it's the very first traditional Filipino meal I learned to cook in High School. Since then, I experiemented a couple of ingredients that could complement the traditional taste.

Adobo versions in the Philippines may be as many as this country's islands. So as common as it is, Filipinos would still 100% patronize restaurants that serves not only the traditional vingegar-soy sauce-garlic-pepper kind, but also those food outlets that can offer a different taste of adobo. 

Adobo Connection offers just that - a plateful of adobo dishes with a twist, but still very Filipino. I asked for their best seller which they said is the Adobo sa Gata. The Pork/Mix Adobo sa Gata with drink costs Php135. Not bad for another unlimited rice offering. I also added Fried Adobo Paos at only Php49. Mom tried Pork Adobo Flakes with drink at Php115 and Kare-kareng Gulay at Php29.

The Adobo sa Gata was really spicy but tolerable, plus the chicken was soft and moist, nanunuot ang anghang hanggang loob. I thought the pork with be the adobo cut version we see on supermarkets, but theirs was like thin porkchop slices minus the fatty part. The adobo flakes looks very inviting on the plate but its texture was quite odd when eaten, still good though. I love the fried adobo paos - winner yun. It's so affordable and very tasty, perfect for merienda.

Next time, I'll try their adobo rice and adobo spaghetti :) 

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