Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Palawan: The Tamilok Challenge

bowl of Tamilok at Sabang Beach
It's Long, it's Slimy and it's eaten Fresh!

In a forest city where mangroves abound, one delicacy stands out, the TAMILOK. Locals harvest these woodworm like mollusks on dead mangroves and serves them on plate, ideally as pulutan. Some people get out of their comfort zones just to try something new. Tourists therefore see this absurd delicacy as a challenge and wouldn't leave Palawan without taking a bite. Okay, tamilok may not sound to be the most appetizing treat in the world, heck it's not even visually appealing. But many people actually love the taste of this aphrodisiac, which they say is similar to oyster.

I heard that some restaurants like Kinabuchs offers tamilok in fried - breaded form and some are served fresh and raw. We say a lady selling tamilok per bowl along Sabang beach. I forgot to ask her how much a bowl would cost, as I wasn't really up to the challenge at that time (I promise, next time!)

So who wants tamilok by the beach? :)

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