Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Palawan: Skylight Hotel's D'Veranda

Skylight Hotel's Restaurant - D'Veranda

Now unlike KaLui, Balinsasayaw and Badjao Seafront Restaurant, I didn't plan on dining here at Skylight Hotel's D'Veranda. The restaurant's just wasn't on the usual tourist-foodie track based on my web research. But our tricycle driver dropped us here and said it's a good restaurant. We went inside and the first thing I noticed was the open kitchen where the cook whips up the ordered fresh fish - interesting.

However, one thing I didn't like was the place, as I found out, usually caters to reserved wedding or birthday parties t'was likely to cater more for party people. It's not the feel good - relaxed ambiance the three of us wanted. A cockfight video being shown on the big screen is not the most appetizing view I wish to see for dinner. But since we're there, we stayed and ordered anyway.

Below are some of the food we ordered. The last photo reminded me of the Chinese dishes I savored during my Malaysia trip.

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