Friday, December 16, 2011

Lunch Out at New World Park Hawker Center, Penang

After touring the temples and beach of Penang, our tour bus dropped us off at the Hawker Center of New World Park which is basically a food court full of Malaysia's local cuisines. I failed to take note of the name of some of the dishes but one food became memorable - my first bite on a century egg. That's the black piece in the Penang Lobak plate.

Penang Lobak
Tom Yam Rice
Banana Pancake from Pancake and Lam Mee

making of banana pancake
We all fell in love with Pancake and Lam Mee's banana pancake. It 's crispy and light but still full of flavors. I personally had fun watching the owner cook this sweet treat. Reminded me of the time I was watching a man make a Korean egg cake, but this banana pancake version is a lot more interesting to watch. Thai tom yam has been a familiar name with my aunt consistently looking for it, I get to taste the soup version at a local Thai store but here at the hawker center, they also serve its rice version partnered with a heart shaped egg - now that's cute!

New World Park Hawker Center

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