Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jollibee: Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

Jollibee's Chicken and Mushroom Pasta
Went to Manila last week and felt the craziness and stress of the holiday rush. There's heavy traffic on the road and human traffic inside malls, making it too dreadful even for a former-city girl like me. I waited for a friend at Landmark and decided to kill time at the foodcourt until I chanced upon Jollibee's newest offering (not highly commercialized though) Chicken and Mushroom Pasta. It looks promising as per their poster and it sets me up for a high expectation. Unfortunately, it didn't deliver much for me, nothing memorable and would personally stick to their signature meat spaghetti dish.


  1. Ah. So they have something new? I haven't been going anywhere for so long, I'm not updated on the new offerings in the different food places anymore. =P
    I guess I'd try this once at least when I get the chance. But it's something that can be easily prepared at home too. Hehe.

  2. hmm.. the poster said otherwise.. hehe.. if you're going to order it you should better say more sauce pls...tried it several times and didn't meet up with my expectations...

  3. may bago na nga din silang tv commercial ngyn. oh well, I still won't buy again. I love you Jollibee! But for this one, I'll pass :)

  4. Is it just me or para sa akin ok naman yung lasa nya. Pero yun lang, hindi sya yung food na babalik-balik unlike their spaghetti. The best talaga yun! :)


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