Thursday, November 24, 2011

Malaysia's Nasi Lemak

The Eatery's Nasi Lemak
My recent trip to Malaysia was memorable. I, together with other Gano iTouch delegates were pampered with all sorts of Malaysian food with a fusion of Chinese, Thai and Indian flavors. We're mostly served in buffet style so when we were given a chance to eat on our own for our dinner at Genting Highlands, someone recommended a restaurant that serves affordable and delicious dishes, The Eatery. Nasi Lemak has been on my mind and must-taste list even before the Malaysia trip. So when I realized they're serving it, I eagerly ordered one.

Nasi Lemak, based on my research is a national dish in Malaysia and is usually serve during breakfast. The one I had was served much like a platter with hard boiled eggs, cucumber, rice (which my aunt calls the NFA rice), peanuts, sweet pickled vegetable known as acar, chicken topped with hot spicy sauce they call sambal. Immediately after the first bite, I was taken aback by its spicy-ness. The sambal was a killer! I never expected the dish to be that spicy. I am probably over reacting, but the chili for me was just overwhelming. The chicken was tasty though. I may not try eating one again, but I'm glad I had a taste of Malaysia's own Nasi Lemak.

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