Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bistro Ravioli: A Dining Experience Before the Big Concert

Salmon Ravioli in Saffron Cream Sauce 
Before the big Black Eyed Peas Concert in Manila, my friend Ava and I decided to have an early dinner and started scouting for an Italian resto, somewhere we've never tried before. We came across some chefs working on the pasta at the store's front window, so we've decided to dine in at Bistro Ravioli

I've already tried and cooked a lot of pasta dishes but have never eaten an authentic Italian ravioli before, so I'm quite excited to get a taste of it. We asked what's the best seller among their list of ravioli dishes and she pointed out Italian sausage ravioli in romesco sauce but then I got more interested in trying the salmon ravioli in saffron cream sauce for P210. Aside from the pasta, we also ordered the Diablo wings simply because of its catchy name. It is a 3 piece sweet and spicy chicken wings cut into 6 slices with a flavorful sauce served with mayo dip worth P270. Interestingly, this Diablo wings sure tastes heavenly. It was down home goodness with the spicy kick. The sauce reminds me of a certain taste from a fast food chain I think). Anyway, the restaurant serves no rice and there were no ample photos of the dishes on their menu, so it's best to ask for details of the food you like.
Diablo Wings

Bistro Ravioli Menu

Bistro Ravioli also serves salads, chicken and bbq, a variety of pasta dishes like pesto, spaghetti meatballs and carbonara. Add to that is a list of brick oven baked pizzas and sumptuous desserts. You can check out Bistro Ravioli at the 2nd floor, South Wing of SM Mall of Asia. Don't forget to watch those chefs spin out a mean pizza dough at the side entrance!

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