Saturday, October 15, 2011

Palawan Pasalubong: Baker's Hill Deli

Baker's Hill pastries
My brother toured Palawan recently along with his High School friends. Also excited for my first Palawan visit  early next year, I have searched the web for some things to do, sites to see, and must bring pasalubong. Other than being one of the most visited tourist spots, pastries from Baker's Hill has been consistently earning some good reviews for their baked products. So I requested my brother to give it a try and bring home some of their goodies. He bought a box of Hopia Baboy, his all time favorite crinkles, a box of brownies and pieces of chocolate minicakes. I just wished he bought a set of some real local delicacies from Palawan. Anyway, I for sure will share more Baker's Hill goodies after my trip :)

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