Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Good Taste of Baguio

Prior to our Baguio trip, I researched online for cheap restaurants with good food. One consistent food establishment raking in great food reviews from locals and tourists is the Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant together with their best seller, the Garlic Buttered Chicken.

After going down 100 plus steps from Baguio Cathedral, we waited no time and took a cab to take us to Good Taste. Manong driver dropped us off at this old building behind Baguio Center Mall, nothing posh. We took the stairs and walked our way inside. The first area that greeted us is their waiting area with chairs all filled up. Could there be more space inside? I heard a lot of people eat here plus the fact that it's Panagbenga season. Hungry and tired of walking around session road, we really hoped there's still table available for us.

Great thing there was. I can't wait to order the buttered chicken but when I asked the lady what's their best seller, she said it's their garlic buttered chicken. Oh well, we both love chicken whether it's fried in garlic or butter. We ordered half of it for Php150 with plain rice and bottled water.
Minutes later, we've finally seen Baguio's famous chicken. The serving was so huge for just two of us girls, even their rice! I'm not a big eater but their chicken is just so good we have to stop for our tummy has no room for more. Needless to say, we have the rest of the chicken packed for our dinner. That Php150 chicken is actually good for 4 people, affordable meal served deliciously! So for those going to Baguio, don't leave without trying Good Taste. I heard they're open 24/7.

Good Taste's Garlic Buttered Chicken

Good Taste Menu


  1. <3

    I love this dish too from Good Taste!
    And now I'm looking for it for the recipe to cook these holidays!

  2. I'm a fan of Good Taste too :) It's my no 1 go-to restaurant in Baguio.

  3. please email me about your buttered chicken recipe thanks... thanks and i would love to if you'll send it to me...

  4. So where is the recipe? I've been craving for it for so long because im here in US.. Please i need the recipe.. Thanks - baguio girl

  5. I haven't tried yet the Garlic battered chicken but I would love to order this next week. Does someone knows the ingredients on how to make battered chicken served in Good Taste Baguio? I love the taste of this dish and would love to cook it at home...


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