Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chowking's Beef Wanton Noodles

Chowking's Beef Wanton Noodles has always been a favorite especially during the chilling months of December and on rainy days. It's also a familiar comfort food when a family member is confined in the hospital. I witness how this hot Chinese dish evolved, from a bigger bowl to a smaller bowl, from the classic white serving dish to striking black bowl. I find it weird though during my last beef wanton noodle meal that the dish tastes a bit different from the original beef wanton noodles that I first tasted way back 1998 (If my memory serves me well). I can’t say if Chowking made minor changes with regards to its ingredients. As we know, most dishes can change over time.

I can't help but muse over how the dish tasted then, especially its soup. It was served on a bigger bowl that it’s quite hard for me to finish the whole bowl. Suffice to say, it was during those early Chowking years that Beef Wanton Noodle first captured the heart of my Pinoy tastebud.

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