Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paotsin Sharks Fin with Hainanese Rice

About 3 years ago, I discovered this really yummy chinese food at the SM Megamall Foodcourt that serves delicious dumplings - Paotsin. Their highly regarded fried sharks fin is the best seller among other dumplings available, it's also my favorite. Pair it with a great serving of green hainanese rice and chilli garlic sauce, geez that's heaven on the plate. Plus, you can have this meal at an affordable price of P45!

Paotsin's sharks fin with hainanese rice


  1. super favorite ko yan hehehe...every week yata kumakain ako after namin mag grocery..sarap! =)

  2. We love paotsin and the rice is really tasty that sometimes you don't need a viand hehe. Well here in our place they said their best seller is sharks fin also.

  3. I love PaoTsin too, I've been loving it for almost three years I think lols. Anyways, I've tried to pair it up with a Poached Egg you may wanna check http://melissacuya.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/flattering-piece-of-plate/ :) Have a good day

  4. SwiperFox says...
    I love their Tzi-Pao better either assorted or of one type,
    but only a few of Paotsin's stalls sells Tzi-Pao since its not a best seller.

  5. im really curious about that green hainanese rice...


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