Friday, November 19, 2010

Apple is a perfect snack for dieters

A couple of days ago, mom blended yet another healthy juice drink, a simple yet healthier alternative against commercial powdered juice drinks in the market - Apple juice.

With further research with regards to this fruit's benefits, I have found one good thing about apples - that they are actually perfect snacks for those who wants to lose some weights naturally before trying on some top diet pills!
According to fitness enthusiast Mike Lombardy, "Apples have become very popular among dieters and suitable for practically any type of diet plan you may follow. There is no better source of dietary fiber than apples. Apples also happen to be a great source of micro-nutrients, moisture, and vitamins. Not to mention its amazing flavor and color that has made it an irreplaceable ingredient in a variety of pies, soufflé, and salads. Apple flavor aids our appostat reaction or the neurological reaction to send a signal to the body to stop eating."

If you are serious of getting your weight down, then consuming three apples a day would be a good idea. Do not have your meal until you have had an apple so that you will automatically start feeling full and eat lesser than the usual quantity. You can snack on apples and have an apple in between meals or drink a glass of apple juice to stop those nasty hunger pangs from bothering you.


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  2. I love apples! I just don't know if I can keep munching on it every time for dietary purposes! Great post!


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