Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dine in: Red Ribbon Cakes and Palabok Meal

Mom and I has always been a Red Ribbon fan. We love their cakes because of their richness and moisture which I really prefer compared to Goldilocks. When the cravings sets in, I know very much what to order. 

Red Ribbon: Sansrival
Way back 2004 when I first ordered their Palabok plus cake meal, they just have this simple presentation, very plain. We would always order that because, oh well, it's budget friendly :) Then yesterday, mom and I were actually amazed to see how it is now presented! These cakes rock!
Red Ribbon: Mocha Caramel Cake
Palabok is an old time favorite. And Red Ribbon's palabok never fails to satisfy my hunger :)

Red Ribbon: Palabok
Most of the time, I order their coffee crunch cake but it's not one of their "cake slices for the day", so I chose another favorite, sansrival and mocha caramel cake for mom. For Php120, you can have a plate of palabok, your choice of cake (you can choose from 3-4 cakes depending on availability) and a drink.


  1. wow, P120 is pretty cheap compared to how much it costs here in Vegas - $7.50!

  2. i miss their coffee crunch, choco-mocha and ube cakes ;(

  3. @ gracie: wow, that's pricey, but then again it's Vegas! thanks for dropping by :)

  4. @ cookiespink: coffee crunch is very much my favorite too, i love it's simplicity and crunchiness from the honey.


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