Monday, October 25, 2010

Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Pizza from Greenwich

Blue cheese and mozarella cheese topped with juicy buffalo chicken with a tower of crunchy onion rings - the latest offering of Greenwich, the Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Pizza!

After a mind blowing 2 day seminar I attended in Makati, mom and my 2 siblings met at Greenwich for some pizza pasta crave. And I opted to try one of their Top That Pizzas, their TV ad enticed me to try have that pizza experience.

Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Pizza from Greenwich
We ordered the Family size thick crust Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Pizza. My mom though it was spicy, while I thought it doesn't offer that much flavor. While the serving was good, I wasn't really happy with it. It's one pizza I would not order again, uhm sorry Greenwich. Your lasagna is good though, it has always been my favorite!
Greenwich Lasagna

You can also try the other Top That Pizza - Meatballs and Fries Pizza. :)
Here are the price:
Original Thin and Crispy Crust:
Double: Php296
Family: P494
Square: Php582

Rolled-Edge Thick Crust
Double: Php329
Family: Php527
16" Party Size: Php799

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