Friday, November 23, 2012

Jonah's: Boracay's Best Local Fruit Shake

5 bottles of Jonah's Fruit Shakes

Banana Pineapple - Watermelon - Banana Mocha - Banana Choco Peanut - Papaya Pineapple

With prices ranging from Php95 to Php110, it may not come cheap but it's not over the top expensive either. In fact I find the price justifiable. We're in Boracay after all.

After a good island hopping adventure with my family, we needed some thirst quenching goodness so I told them we should check a local and tourist favorite, Jonah's Fruit Shake. It's a legend in Boracay when it comes to its bottle filled tropical fruit shakes.  We went to their branch near the main road and I asked for their best seller while everyone choose their fruit mixes. I was handed a Banana Choco Peanut and became an immediate fan.

Prior to the visit, we've tasted some fruit shakes already to complement our meals in Boracay. Lowest fruit shake price of a budget restaurant would range Php75 up and it's just one fruit filled with ice shaves. Jonah's version on the other hand has a lot of interesting fruit mixes and I was able to finish everything in the bottle, not even an ice shave left. On top of it, the flavors are really good, fit for an island paradise. Thus I find the price justifiable.

Undeniably the best fruit shake in Boracay.

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