Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Joey Pepperoni's Groupon Offer

Few days ago, I was finally able to redeem my second Groupon purchase. A Joey Pepperoni meal at 50% off. The voucher values at Php685 but lucky me only paid Php90 because I was given an exclusive Php250 credit voucher for my last product purchase. Im not really into group buying sites as I read a lot of negative feedbacks from online customers, plus I too, experience a whopping 3 months worth of waiting just to get my first purchase. But that Php250 credit was just too tempting to use, and I'm glad I did click that Buy Now! button :)

I guess restaurant offers are a lot easier to redeem than buying actual products and travel deals, cheap food offers like this is less risky in my opinion.

I've always loved pasta and pizza so this Joey Pepperoni deal was naturally inviting. I was made to choose 2 from 3 pasta dishes and 1 from 2 pizza flavors with a pitcher of iced tea. I invited my cousins and sister over lunch at their One-Ecom MOA Branch. The redemption part was actually kind of 'forced' since I got an email from Groupon on the fourth week of October stating the redemption was only up to Oct31 because the branch is set to undergo a renovation. That's 2 months ahead from the end of validity date stated on the voucher. Good thing I am really cheduled to visit MOA and this time, reservation is no longer required.

Aglio Olio


Joey Pepperoni Pizza

Lotto Appetito

I ordered an additional Lotto Appetito, Joey Pepperoni's best seller sampler composed of chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and fresh tomatoes. This I think is way too costly for Php340. Mas mahal pa itong appetizer na'to sa ibang pizza and pasta nila. The pesto is not much of a winner too, as per my cousin's words "dahon na dahon". That's what you really get when the basil is served fresh - a tint of bitterness, kaya naman mas type talaga namin yung dried basil version ng McCormick and their pesto pasta sauce mix. Napoli and Aveneto's pesto too is also more delicious in my opinion. The pizza is okay pero ang panalo ay ang Aglio Olio, a light pasta in olive and minced garlic. If there's one dish that would make me go back to Joey Pep, it would be for their Aglio Olio. It was simple but the spices worked so well together.

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