Monday, October 8, 2012

Cooking with an Electric Barbecue Grill

Electric Barbecue Grill from Nikai Japan

In our house there are 3 ways we grill our food:
     1. The outdoor set-up: the traditional 'de-uling' (charcoal) as the heat source.
     2. Grill pan using gas
     3. Electric Barbecue Grill which runs on well, electricity

The one we have is a Nikai Japan product my dad bought in Qatar. An Electric Grill is the best solution when you want to cook and grill food indoors, very helpful especially when it's raining and you can't use the traditional grill outdoors. With this handy kitchen equipment, one enjoys a smoke-free cooking time (don't we just hate those little charcoal particles flying around when we fan those outdoor grills).

What I like about using this electric grill:
     1. Less messy/easy to clean
     2. Quick Fire up time
     3. Balance heat on all cooking surface
     4. I can use it indoors
     5. Easy to use and control heat

This appliance incorporates an adjustable temperature control that's it's fairly easy to use and has a dip tray so cleaning's a breeze.

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