Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinoy Toppings and their huge rice servings

I went to my sister's school in Manila a few days back, paid the necessary school fees and then invited her for lunch. I asked her to show me an affordable student friendly food outlet. I wanted to know where kids nowadays eat and SM Foodcourt at SM Manila offers a good venue. My sister although quite slender has the tummy of a construction worker. And having learned she hadn't eaten breakfast yet just doubles the need for extra bites. Being a concerned citizen ate that I am, I opted to give her a plateful of Filipino rice meal, so there she pulled me to the Pinoy Toppings store front.

Looking at their food display, I can't believe how plateful their servings were. Fiesta ba? They all certainly look appetizing - most especially when you're too hungry and craves for a rice meal. Not to mention it's very affordable - a Php100 can go a long way. Most customers we've seen were mostly the big guys who obviously chose the outlet for the rice serving. 

Partnered with adobo rice, the tapa and barbeque (the ones we ordered) were very tasty but not necessarily fresh and healthy. My sister who also studies food preparation told me the tapa was just preheated. Also, they could have cooked the egg longer. The serving comes with a bowl of soup and a slice of fried banana. 

It was my first time eating at Pinoy Toppings and will definitely try other dishes next time. 

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