Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Le Ching Tea House

While passing by Commonwealth Ave, my uncle asked if I've been to UP - Ayala Technohub. I said no and before I could utter the next few words, we turned right and we were there. The place reminds me of Nuvali, after all, both are Ayala babies. As we're scouting for a good place to eat, I saw an Amici branch but they're still not yet open. (sighs) But it didn't take much for uncle to decide among the many restaurants that we take our lunch at Le Ching Tea House.

Like many Chinese restaurants, they also serve a variety of dimsum, noodles, congee and soups. Here's what we ordered.

Hakao, being my favorite dumpling made me one happy foodie that day. This steam shrimp dumpling is  tender and very satisfying - one of the best that I've tried.

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