Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Food Trip: Baguio's Bread and Jams

To me, Baguio is synonymous to Good Shepherd's Ube Jam. This must-bring pasalubong left a lasting impression the first time I bought home one during my first Baguio visit where I had to endure a long queue together with tourists wanting to bring home bottles of different jams from Good Shepherd.

A few weeks ago, I was back in the city of pines for the fourth time since 2006. I was with a group who visited Eagle Crest Villa and its owner. We checked out some townhouses for sale. After a good lunch at Star Cafe, we walked our way to the market and started our pasalubong slash vegetable shopping.

Everyone in the family enjoyed that one large bottle of ube at Php270 market price - it's gone in two days! Yes, Good Shepherd products are also available in the market. I also bought a bottle of strawberry jam for Php60 and honey from Kalinga for Php150. Mom and I loves to use honey in most of our recipes so I didn't hesitate to bring home one and sure nothing beats products freshly harvested from the mountains and put straight into the bottle. The honey is so damn good! 

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