Monday, June 4, 2012

Pili Pasalubong Shopping

Pili dessert from Bicol

Went to Bicol last month and it was a weekend trip to remember, the more than 12 hours on the road is in itself an adventure - tiring but awesome. The province has been famous for its hot and spicy cuisine. Thankfully I got to try some of Bicol's specialties like Bicol Express, binutong, biniribid etc. So when we finally ready to take another long road trip back home, I wanted to bring home something to share with my family. Just when our group took a sidetrip to Guinobatan, Albay, I grabbed that chance to buy a local and tourist favorite - PILI!

Pili shopping at Morato Pili Sweets in Guinobatan, Albay. I love the Mazapan de Pili (the green covered bar in the picture).

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