Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lunch Out: Affordable Steak at Slice N' Dice

Slice N Dice Meals

Out for lunch one Monday, we decided to try dining in a restaurant we haven't tried before. My treat and Slice N' Dice seems to be a pretty good option. The P99 Steak meals poster at their picture window surely looks tempting.

Mom ordered P99 Bangus Steak + P79 Kangkong Stir Fry with Iced Tea. My brother tried the P99 Grilled Chicken Steak + P35 Root Beer while I chose the P99 Garlic Porkloin Steak + P27 Red Iced Tea. When the orders were placed in front of us, first thing we noticed is their small rice serving. I initially freaked out, forgetting that these Steak 99ers are rice-all-you-can meal. They also served bowls of mushroom soup.

I like how my garlic porkloin steak tasted, as well as the grilled chicken steak my brother ordered. And being a normal guy he is, he managed to consume 5 bowls of rice to partner his chicken steak. The kangkong tasted good too. I tried mom's bangus which i find succulent at first, has the perfect texture and it's moist in the inside. I find some of my homecooked fried bangus a little dry so theirs was initially a win...until, a bite after another, my tongue felt itchy then later my mom asked if a part of her mouth is getting bigger. She said she seems to experience an allergic reaction from the bangus. My brother, a nursing graduate thinks the fish is not that all fresh. We thought of telling the staff about their bangus but mom's plate is almost empty...

In the end, I like the steak meals and the affordability that goes with it. Although I don't think I, nor mom would opt to return to this restaurant anytime soon. That bangus was sadly a let down.

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