Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Tips on How to Save Big on Grocery Shopping

You can get huge savings by shopping smarter. Below are some basic tactics to cut down on wasteful spending at the supermarket

1. Never shop on an empty stomach. If you're hungry, you'll be too tempted by snacks, treats, and expensive extras.

2. Make a list. Take time to come up with a grocery list, then stick to it.

3. Get in and out quickly. The more time you spend in the grocery store, the more you'll spend.

4. Patrol the perimeter of the store to find essentials, like produce, meat, bread and milk. This will help you cut down on high-priced, prepackaged foods in the middle aisles.

5. Beware of strategically placed items. Don't fall for the candy, gum and magazines at the checkout counter of the displays at the ends of aisles. Remember, costlier items tend to be at eye level. Look up and down for big savings.

6. Track prices. Keep a notebook to track prices from store to store - even from week to week at the same store. That way, you can spot deals and stock up on one item when it's cheapest.

7. Catch errors. After taking the time to find savings, don't lose them thanks to costly slip-up. Watch the scanner as the cashier rings up your items, check your receipt for mistakes. 

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  1. Great post! Very informative! :)


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