Friday, April 13, 2012

Recipe: Hot Calamansi - Honey Drink

I was feeling sick the other day and my voice got a bit scratchy. This month was like boiling our skin with intense heat that I missed some important activities in the church during the holy week. I decided to stay indoors and felt the need to do something about my cough and cracked voice. One night I decided to experiment with two cheap healing properties very much available on our kitchen cabinet - honey and calamansi.  Surprisingly, it worked wonders with my voice restored and cured my cough in just a day. Usually, when I do get a cold and cough, it last for more than a week, so I find honey and calamansi a match made in heaven! Mom got a flu after a few days and tried my recipe and she too felt the surprisingly fast healing comfort from this hot drink.

For the recipe for one small cup of water, simply add 4 calamansi (strained) and a tsp of honey into a cup of boiling water. Try this Hot Calamansi - Honey Drink when you feel sick and gloomy, it warms your body plus it tastes pretty good too! 

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