Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chic-Boy the second time

Chic-Boy's Inasal Paa

After a fun bowling activity at San Pedro Bowling Center, mom, Karen and I decided to take an early dinner at Chic-Boy. I was so impressed with their lechon sisig the first time so I would like to share the experience with mom and my sister. But alas, I was less impressed the second time...

Maybe because we were too early for dinner, the rice was not as steaming hot as when I first dined in. I always like my plate to have a good bowl of warm rice. It was mom's first try to dine in a Chic-Boy restaurant and she said she'd still choose Mang Inasal's Grilled Chicken (PM1) over Chic-Boy's Inasal Paa (CB1). She pointed out the huge burned part of the chicken and mom being a health buff knows that it's a deliciously hazardous meal. Plus she said it wasn't as tasty as that of Inasal. But what she liked was our dessert - a plate of Turones Con Leche.

Turones Con Leche

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