Sunday, April 22, 2012

Battling the Heat Wave with Blizzardly Goodness from DQ

The temperatures are up again in the Philippines and it feels like the heat of summer sun rises a bit early these days (I can't believe I'm sweating at like 6 in the morning!). While my usual morning breakfast of hot coffee is officially out for the meantime and cold water and fruit juices are in, it's also nice to get some chill time strolling the air-conditioned malls while enjoying a gooey cold treat at hand, like the Strawberry Oreo Blizzard from DQ.

It was my first time to try the flavor after a hearty lunch at Shakey's together with my brothers. In celebration of Oreo's 100th Anniversary, DQ launched 10 new Oreo-inspired flavors for Oreo lovers like me - Caramel marshmallows, Chocolate Oreo, Chocolate Truffle, Double Dutch , Mocha Kitkat, Mocha Oreo, Strawberry Kitkat, Strawberry Oreo, Ube Macapuno and White Truffle. 

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