Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snack of the Week: Toasted Bread with Honey and Cinnamon Spread

Toasted Bread with Honey-Cinnamon Spread
On tight budget but craving for cinnamon rolls from your fave coffeeshop? Fret no more as I give you this one awesome tip mom discovered when she visited lola in the province. She saw my lola having breakfast with these and totally loved the idea that she began doing the same thing and shared it with everyone when she got back home. Simply mix honey with cinnamon and there's your homemade spread! Aside from its great flavor, there are tons of health benefits one can get from this wonderful duo. Research shows  the said mixture showed positive results for many diseases like heart disease, arthritis, colds, bladder infections and even bad breath. So next time you're out shopping, you may want to think twice when buying for groceries. I believe it's high time to include honey and cinnamon on your weekend grocery list.

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  1. Hi,
    It's true, combining honey and cinnamon is a great idea and it can be used form many things, including acne or cold sores!


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