Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pickled Mango from Antonio's Slices of Life

bottles of Antonio's Slices of Life pickled mango and papaya

Last Christmas, my uncle gave us bottles of pickled mangoes and papaya from Antonio's Slices of Life. I have previously posted here my undying love for manggang hilaw and bagoong (unripe mangoes with shrimp paste). Obviously, I got too excited when I chance upon these bottles at the dining table. The fruit slices are packed in clean attractive bottles, fermented with home-made, all-natural (no preservatives), brine solution. I've never tasted a pickled mango nor papaya before, so I was curious as to how it would actually taste. 

I opened up a bottle of Dizon Farm Bagoong and immediately opened the bottle of pickled mango. Given the fact that it doesn't have the usual crunch anymore since it's pickled, the first bite was quite odd. But with every bite I took, it dawned on me that hey, I think I'm beginning to like it. The sweet sour-y taste of mango is already flavorful that it's ok not to dip in a shrimp paste.

Antonio's Slices of Life also sells pickled apples and grapes. 

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