Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sansribav from Dunkin Donuts

A few weeks ago, my aunt tagged me along for her business and friendly meetings in Manila. Later that night, she was yearning for Dunkin Donuts hot choco, something she says brings back old memories of her working life in Manila. Honestly, it has been quite a long time since I've dined in a Dunkin Donuts store so I was kind of surprised to see a sansrival-like donut.
Dunkin Donuts Sansribav
I love sansrival and so I ordered what they call Sansribav. The first few bites were heaven but partnered with their hot choco, it felt like I'm having a sugar overdosed.  I found it too sweet that I wasn't able to finish that one big Donut. It's much like a Bavarian topped with this sweet icing. I tried the other donuts, the chocolate flavor and I liked it more. It's nice that we left with a free Twilight Eclipse Tote Bag :)

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