Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our First Elba Gas Range

Just a few weeks ago, mom and I scouted the mall looking for the perfect gas range fit for a big family like ours. Mom has always wanted to own one for we have been cooking using just a plain gas stove like since forever! Our La Germania Gas Stove did a really good job and it has served us long enough, but recently something happened (human error, actually) that forced us to buy a brand new stove.  Since Mom and I would love to try our hands on baking for the family (toaster won't do and our turbo broiler eats up much on electricity), we asked dad if we could buy a brand new Gas Range instead. Probably thinking that it would inspire us more to be in the kitchen regularly, he said yes and even insisted on buying the best quality. And so after checking out a line of gas ranges from Abenson, our eyes finally set on this stainless steel cooktop - the free standing Elba K 55x320 Gas Range.   

Elba K 55x320 Gas Range
We bought this gas range for a little less than Php30,000. We haven't used the oven though but we're looking forward to a great home-cook roasted chicken. Below are more detailed info about this particular Elba Gas Range:


  • stainless steel surface 18/10
  • 3 gas burners + 1 hotplate
  • cast iron burner caps
  • push-button ignition
  • wok support
  • removable glass lid


  • gas oven and gas grill
  • thermostatic oven
  • rotisserie
  • interior light
  • double glass door
  • shelf and tray

Dishwarmer - flat type with glass front
Dimensions - 50cm L x 50cm D
Power Requirements - 220V/ 60Hz
Elba: Oven

Elba: Cooktop


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  2. wow! congrats for having a brand new gas range... looking forward to more yummy posts....subscribing to your blog..hope you can follow mine...thanks.


  3. Nice! I got an Elba a few years ago and I love it. I must use it for baking again soon. :) Congratulations on yours!

  4. been planning for years already to buy one for my wife...because she wants me to bake :(

  5. would love to bake soon too! as soon as our outlet gets fixed, I will definitely be using it. I'm thinking of baking my first homemade pizza :)

  6. These are perfect for a big holiday or a regular mealtime at home. Simply choose the ones that come with an ideal size for your kitchen, as well as some features that you might find very useful for your cooking needs.

  7. Measure the space in your kitchen for your new range. Most houses built in the last decade, allow room for a standard-size gas or electric range that is 30 inches wide, but older homes or custom homes may vary.

  8. Hi,
    I just would like to ask if you have experienced replacing the gas hose for this. If so, how do you have done that?


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