Thursday, July 14, 2011

Magnolia Chicken Station's Pesto Chicken Fingers

I've once posted my homemade chicken fingers in this blog which I find relatively easy to do. I would also make Chicken Schnitzel once in a while. But during our last visit at the grocery store, mom and I got interested on a particular chicken cut in the Magnolia Chicken Station booth, the ready made Pesto Chicken Fingers. What got us into thinking is we saw no green color on its coating (I made a lot of pan fried versions mixing basil into the breadcrumbs). And so I asked the person in charge and he said the chicken has already been marinated with the basil and coated with parmesan cheese etc. Curious as to how it would taste, we bought half a kilo, just to try.
Magnolia Pesto Chicken Fingers
my breakfast: Pesto Chicken Fingers with Scramble Egg and Buttered Mixed Vegetables
Upon further research, I found this one recipe named Chicken Paprika with Lemon and Garlic using Magnolia Pesto Chicken Fingers courtesy of

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  1. Hi, wanted to ask if the pesto chicken were any good?


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