Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ordering Online

Gone are the days when one needs a landline phone and a ready number of the local's establishment dug from the sheets of Yellow Pages just to order a meal.

Today, with a lot of households having PC's and internet connection, ordering online is made easier, faster and FREE! Forget about calling them and let them call you instead. Doing this saves you much on your phone billing plus ordering online is actually fun and sort of liberating because every info you need is just a click away.

I, for example have been ordering online for years now. Back when ordering online wasn't the "in" thing yet, I would need to have enough load on my cellphone just to call, say Pizza Hut. If I don't have a leaflet with me, I still have to ask for their latest pizza offering, sizes, prices and other inquiries and this eats up a lot of time and cellphone load. Now I simply log on their website and order (It's much faster if one creates his/her own account especially if you intend to order more than once). Minutes later they'll be calling your phone to confirm your order and that's it!

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