Thursday, June 2, 2011

Espaghetti you say?

He brings you to an expensive Italian restaurant. Don't embarrass yourself by mispronouncing your order. I'm pretty sure we all don't want to end up doing what the guy did in this commercial :)

Bolognese: baw-law-nyeh-she
Bruschetta: broo-skeh-tah
Cacciatore: kah-chuch-TOR-ee
Calamari: kal-uh-mahr-ee
Calzone: kahl-zone-neh
Canoli: kah-noh-lee
Capree: ka-pray-she
Congchiglie: kon-keel-yeh
Coniglio: koh-neel-yeh
Farfalle: far-fa-lee
Funghi: foon-gee
Fusilli: foo-sill-ee
Gelato: jeh-lah-toh
Gnocchi: nyeh-ah-kee
Manicotti: man-ah-cot-tee
Mascarpone: mas-car-poh-nay
Mostaccioli: mos-ta-choh-lee
Mozarella: maht-suh-rehl-la
Pane: pah-nay
Parmigiana: pahr-muh-zhan-na
Patate: pah-tah-tay
Pecorino: peh-kuh-ree-noh
Pollo: pohl-loh
Prosciutto: proh-shoo-toh
Radiatore: ra-dee-ah-Tor-ee
Risotto: rih-saw-toh
Tagliatelle: tah-lyuh-tehl-lee
Tiramisu: tih-ruh-mee-soo

Commercial from Greenwich Pizza

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