Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snack of the Week: Wafu, my newest discovery!

Oishi Wafer Cheese Stick
I discovered this delicious treat last month as my brother's pasalubong - Oishi's Wafu Sticks. For just Php4, you can enjoy this crispy wafer filled cheese stick. Something to munch while working on my online to-do's on late nights. It's really delicious, try it!


  1. I have tried this. Whew! I better try it out! I love cheese! :D Thanks for sharinf.. :D

  2. I prefer this cheese flavor than the leche flan. Perfect combination talaga ang cheese and wafer :)

  3. interesting :) i love oishi sponge, choco flakes and spicy prawn crackers :)

  4. mas masarap pa sa combos :D


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