Monday, May 9, 2011

Recipe: Chicken Dish and the Surprise Secret Ingredient

I discovered this particular dish when my cousin's husband, Kuya Loi cooked for us this delightful chicken dish - you would be surprise to know its secret ingredient...

Today's chicken dish's secret ingredient is COKE! Yup, it's Coke. I myself was totally surprised when I saw that dark liquid where kuya placed the chicken. Instead of the usual plain water where we use to boil our chicken, he used 1 liter of Coke to cover the whole chicken. After seasoning it with salt and pepper, he also added 1 small onion and sili to add that spicy kick. 

Again, the chicken is not marinated but boiled for about an hour with coke. We all had a fun time devouring this entire glossy chicken. Probably not the most healthy chicken recipe and I'm not even recommending to cook this all the time, but we sure love the flavor - tastes like ham. This Coke Chicken recipe is actually good to serve during happy gatherings. :) Try it!  


  1. Nice! After boiling ba tapos na? Mukha kasing ni grill pa or something. I used to use coke for my patatim kaso parang wala naman pagkakaiba kung water ang ilalagay. Siguro na o over power ng spices, nice to know that it worked well with your chicken. will try this, defintely!

  2. boil lang ok na. surprisingly simple to do :) just make sure the chicken is covered with coke. I also just found out that there are Chinese dishes that play with coke and chicken. :)


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