Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Kopi Roti Breakfast by the Garden

It has always been our family's dream to have a beautiful landscaped garden where we can relax, take a breath of fresh air and sip over delicious hot coffee. A few days ago, we did just that - enjoyed a Kopi Roti breakfast by the garden.

Kopi Roti breakfast
We bought their house specialty coffee buns (soft bread with coffee flavored crust and sweet buttery filling inside) from Kopi Roti's Naia Terminal 3 branch the day prior to the breakfast. I've always enjoyed Singapore coffee buns - from Kopi Roti and Roti Mum. I'm a "coffeeholic", so these delicious buns makes perfect sense to me.
Kopi Roti's coffee bun
Partnering the bun is my favorite Gano coffee and a surprising sunny side up (2 yolks in a single egg shell!) Was able to cook 3 eggs all with 2 yolks each. Strange... 


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