Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recipe: Crispy Ham and Cheese Bread rolls

Thinking of throwing a kiddie party at home for your child's birthday? Here's a simple and affordable recipe you may want to cook for your child's guests. Bread rolls is my youngest sister's favorite dish to prepare every time we'll have afternoon parties since it's the easiest to cook.

All you need to have are white loaf bread (outer crust trimmed), strips of cooked ham, strips cheddar cheese, egg (beaten), bread crumbs and butter. To prepare, flatten the bread first using rolling pin. Roll the bread with the ham and cheese inside and dip into beaten eggs. Roll the bread over bread crumbs and fry using butter and you're done! See, fairly easy right? :)
rows of Breadrolls


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  2. i will try cooking this. im sure my son will love this :)

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  3. thanks for that note ian. I transferred my nuffnang ad on the right side.

    @rjs mama: this simple recipe is a knock out to students, great for merienda time too :)

  4. looks so delicious. I probably will try to make that one day. :-)


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