Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Vigan Breakfast

Apart from Vigan's heritage sites, the province is also famous for its Vigan Longganisa. According to The Vigan longganisa is a small and plump native sausage, good for about two or three bites.  It is garlicky and has a yellowish color. Although it is eaten anytime, even as a bread filling, it is traditional favored as breakfast fare together with fried eggs and steamed or fried rice. It is best dipped in Ilocos vinegar with plenty of chili, garlic and onions.

Exactly what we had for breakfast. Sarap! Thanks ate Malot for this wonderful meal :)

Traditional Vigan breakfast meal: Longganisa, fried egg, kamatis and rice
 Watch out for more pictures on our Vigan tour at The Walking Tripod


  1. That sure looks like a really big and delicious breakfast. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. :)

  2. Oh yes we did! That vigan longganisa is such a winner, the perfect hearty meal to start that busy day. Thanks for dropping by Marie :)

  3. Nahilo ata yun Bata sa mesa.... Parang di siya sulit sa Breakfast.. =)

  4. may morning drama lang siya :)


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