Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Intruiging Fried Ice Cream?

What makes for an intriguing ice cream? Is it the flavor? The toppings? Or the way it is cooked, like fried?

Last week, me and a friend scouted a series of malls to basically do some research on possible food cart business. It was just about lunch time when we passed by this food cart selling fried ice cream. Yes, a fried ice cream!!! This treat wasn't really new to me but it was only that time where I got to take a closer look at how this intriguing treat is actually done.

 Frying the ice cream

Okay, it's not actually the traditional frying method that we'd first imagine. But it's probably the inspiration for using this intriguing cooking technique. A thin layer of blended cream mixture is spread on this round ice cold pan and when it freezes, it will then be scraped one portion at a time each forming into rolls. Miguelitos FIC1 which is their cheapest for only Php25 is a combination of  your desired coating dip or syrup and a choice of candy topping. We decided to try the chocolate syrup with milk chocolate toppings. Try this! It's a fun foodie experience that is worth your curiosity :)

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